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    Maeve De Voe (Samstag, 24 Juni 2023 15:35)
    Thank You, Submitting Zhoosh It Up! By Maeve De Voe 7 weeks Top 20 in London, playing around the world and Lyric video on YouTube

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    Smokerface Chris Clay (Montag, 15 Mai 2023 02:21)

    Sorry for adding this in the comments and thanks for pointing me in correct direction, this is my latest release “Don’t Wake Up”

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    Maeve De Voe (Dienstag, 11 April 2023 19:59)

    Hi, I would like to submit my latest hit single, 4 weeks since release it has been in the Top 10 in London and playing around the world on a variety of stations. It is "Car Radio" feat. Graham Hart by Maeve De Voe. Here is the Spotify link for the new single released on March 9th, 2023.
    My website is and my email is
    Thank you so much for all you do for us Indie artists!!

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    Darren Burdis (Montag, 10 April 2023)


    I'd like to submit my latest single, Bruises, for your consideration. Just released today.

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    MJTJ (Freitag, 24 März 2023 21:24)

    Hello Chris...nice that you stopped by our blog...but your link isn't really useful...and nobody bothers to enter this sequence by hand...I'll make you a it just submit your submission under "SUBMISSION" and I promise everyone can use your link...have a great day✌�

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    Chris Clay (Freitag, 24 März 2023 20:10)

    My name is Smokerface Chris Clay and I have a new release Don’t Wake Up that I would like for y’all to review. Here is a link to it